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A girl’s grief over her brother’s tragic death leads her to make a pact with moonshiners promising to bring him back to life — for a steep price.

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Hunter Adams’s “Dig Two Graves” is that rare chiller conjuring eeriness and dread without defaulting to abundant gore or flagrant nudity. While its elements — small-town police corruption; supernatural powers in an Old World brood (here, Gypsies); an adolescent girl’s confrontation with a traumatic past — are familiar, it bears a haunting ambience as agreeable as it is ephemeral. Mr. Adams is clearly skilled with story structure, cinematography and his actors. (continue at New York Times)

“And details are definitely the movie’s strongest suit. What makes “Dig Two Graves” an astonishing accomplishment for a low-budget indie is the exceptional production value it achieves from deceptively simple shots, props, sounds, and setpieces likely to go unnoticed by many.” continue reading >> Culture Crypt


Directed by: Hunter Adams

Ted Levine Ted Levine
Samantha Isler Samantha Isler
Danny Goldring Danny Goldring
Troy Ruptash Troy Ruptash
Rachael Drummond Rachael Drummond
Mrs. Waterhouse
Dean Evans Dean Evans
Bradley Grant Smith Bradley Grant Smith
Deputy Byron Freeman

Produced by

Hunter Adams producer
Claire Connelly producer
Larry Fessenden executive producer
P.J. Fishwick producer
Jon Parker associate producer
Philip S. Plowden associate producer
Kim Sherrell executive producer

“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” —Confucius



Abstraction  —  Feature Film is out. Thank you for watching.

Abstraction is an action/drama heist film written & directed by Prince Bagdasarian, starring Academy Award Nominee Eric Roberts (Dark Knight), Ken Davitian (Borat), Manu Intiraymi (Star Trek), Hunter Ives, Korrina Rico, Natalie Victoria, Richard Manriquez, and James Lewis.

Tommy and Gary are criminals engaging in grand thefts in order to make ends meet. They are opportunists and have no fear. After a routine robbery goes awry, the friends are forced to put their criminal activity behind them. As Tommy’s relationship flourishes with his new girlfriend Scarlet, his economic hardships become obvious. Scarlet proposes a notion that will make all their money troubles vanish — the heist of a half a million dollar painting. With just a short window of opportunity, Tommy and Gary design an ambitious plan, one that will ultimately determine their fate.


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#BernBabyBern a grassroots music video spanning four continents paying tribute to Bernie Sanders and his idea of a political revolution which brings people together to change the world for the better.


Artist: Hey Bloomfield (@heybloomfield)
Director / Editor / Producer: Raoul Dyssell (@raouldyssell)
Producers: Kim Sherrell (@kim) & Hey Bloomfield

Hey Bloomfield, 2016 #BernBabyBern

Twitter: @BernBabyBernMV
Facebook: //www.facebook.com/groups/thebe…
Email: theberniesong@gmail.com

— — —

Song Credits:

Music, lyrics, vocals & production by Hey Bloomfield
Mixed by Dongkwang ‘Eastbeam’ Seo @ “Make the Soul Studio”
Mastered by Brian Lucey @ “Magic Garden Mastering”

— — —

Hey Bloomfield shots by Daniel Smukalla
Logo art by Eunji Kim

— — —

#BernBabyBern MV Admin Team:

Jessica Adel
Emma Jane Bloomfield
Kevin Lambert
Sydney Langford
Miles Meili
Nick Neon
William “Sonny” Sonbuchner
Hannah Winant

— — —

The People in this video span four continents (North America, Africa, Asia, and Australia):

Jessica Adel
Haruka Aoki
Elliot Ashby
Brianna Beehler
Adam Bernstein
Emma Bloomfield
Anna Brown
Saga Milena Briggs
Jackie Cafarelli
Allan Choi
Eden Choi
Hoon “hoonch” Choi
Yool Choi
Raoul Dyssell
Rebecca Erhard
Tanya Felter
Hannah Graf
Jaeyeon Han
Mel Henriquez
Lindsey Higgins-Pottier
Daniel Kennedy
Kiflu Kidanne
Rachel Kidanne
Chongmin Kim
Kang Hee Kim
Kyongmin Kim
Jordan Kline
Devin Jorgensen
Sydney Langford
Sandra Lavoy
Dave Lishanksy
Julie Lishanksy
Hyunsup Lee
Pete Macleod
Alberto Means
Miles Meili
Santino Merino
Daisy Mila
Colin Nance
Nick Neon
David Orlowitz
Oro Padron
Hyuk Jin Park
Joon Yong Park
Ravi Raju
Ji Man Ryu
William “Sonny” Sonbuchner
Rodney Smith
Benjamin Strauss
Eileen Sullivan
Nikolas Kite Thompson
Lynne van der Merwe
Davis “Chain, Red Shoes, and Stone” Vigneault
Darby Walters
Josh Wessler
Hannah Winant
Aaron Wolf

*Ultimately we were not able to include everyone who sent in a clip in the final video, but we still want to thank everyone who submitted footage. Your love and passion for Bernie Sanders and the political revolution is unquestionable.


We just announced our surprise cast members. There is only 30 minutes left, if you like to jump in on this BLUE PALMS #kickstarter. Loads of nice swag that we made with our own two hands. Thanks everybody!

Richard Riehle cast as Baby Eddie: Former child star, now in his 70s and living in the dumpster in front of Blue Palms.
“Sock Mug” by Buddy Hickerson. If you hurry, this item may be purchased on our Kickstarter.


This fine graphic novel is brought to you by Buddy Hickerson (National Lamptoon), Hunter Adams (Dig Two Graves), and executive produced by yours truly.


We’re still working on the TV series and have attracted interest from the likes of Mike Judge, Matthew Modine, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Kevin Pollock and Jennifer Levinson. Stay tuned for updates.




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Gone Doggy Gone

LOS ANGELES — Gone Doggy Gone is a comedic feature about an LA couple who treat their dog like a baby until it gets kidnapped. What ensues is an outlandish cat-and-mouse adventure as they hunt down the kidnapper, enlist a schlubby PI, and possibly even conquer their fear of parenthood.

Website: //gonedoggygone.com


The Inspiration

Kasi had a dogwalker who began to bring her dog, Laila (also starring in the movie), home later and later after visits. She took Laila to the movies, grocery store and even her waxing appointments. She called Laila her BFF. This relationship, prompted the film’s creators to ask, what if she just decided to keep Laila for herself?

With ‘Gone Doggy Gone’ writer/directors Kasi Brown and Brandon Walter set out to comically explore how people use pets to avoid dealing with their relationship issues. They thought it would be interesting to apply very serious iconic kidnapping movies, Ransom, Silence of the Lambs, Gone Baby Gone, to a couple who consider their dog to be their “baby”.

Gone Doggy Gone is available on iTunes, Amazon, Best Buy, and the usual places. It won 18 awards on the festival circuit and screened this past summer at Arena Cinema Hollywood.


“In our digital world what separates reality from computer generated imagery is thinning, vanishing. At times the eye is barely — if at all — able to distinguish one from the other.” –Alessio De Vecchi

Here are some of the items trending on the ARTWALK channel right now. Hope you find something here to enjoy!

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@blx (blocks) a new web series bringing people back to where it all began for them. Their block.

www.bet.com/blx via @lucian

FEATURED at Ello.co/Artwalk

Olafur Eliasson Contact can been seen at The Fondation Louis Vuitton until Feb. 23 ‘15.

Wolfgang Tillmans
Source: @kapka

a couple of months ago Renata Lemos Morais, curator of Trandusctions — a pop-up show at awesome
Pause Fest in Melbourne — asked if i would have liked to be part of her exhibition. she was particularly interested in some gifs i posted which had a tactile element to them. i decided to develop the concept a little further and here is the result…”

In our digital world what separates reality from computer generated imagery is thinning, vanishing. At times the eye is barely — if at all — able to distinguish one from the other.

In fact the eyes carry the sense that is most easily fooled by binary code born worlds.

Synesthesia is a momentum, an illusion that speaks to the touch over the sight and carries a force that tickles the eye. A haptic stimulus. A transduction.

Source: @andreali

№ 011515

Source: @kim

Source: @194angellstreet

“Torn Between Two Lovers” //m.youtube.com/watch?v=w1F5BLLFAeM

selfie, instagram by @joanheather

I have a deep appreciation for art that takes time and careful observation, and Nunzio does that again and again with his anatomical paintings and drawings.”

Nunzio Paci (@nunziopaci)
Title: The wind that sculpts your veins / Il vento che scolpisce le tue vene
Dim: cm 100×100 Technique: oil and pencil on canvas / olio, matita su tela Year: 2014

FEATURED — @Artwalk | //artwalk.tv

Trailer Project: Some Like It Hot

from The Animation Workshop, a student project made by a crack team of 2nd year character animators and CG artists at The Animation Workshop/VIA UC in Viborg, Denmark. Assignment: Create a :30 trailer inspired by the Marilyn Monroe-starring comedy classic “Some Like It Hot”.

Twitter: @ArtwalkTV

Crocheted bike by @oleknyc ready to roll. #streetart #artwynwood #miami #wynwood

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Leo Darwin is a life coach whose life is falling apart.

Leo Darwin appears to have everything — a thriving practice, a best-selling book and a beautiful wife and child. But in reality, he’s about to be evicted from his office, his marriage is a mess and his six-month old baby doesn’t yet have a name. His new client is about to have a breakthrough overcoming his fear of women. But the woman he’s fallen for is Leo’s wife.

This quirky comedy stars Karl Kenzler (House of Cards) who created the series along with the playwright Lynn Rosen and Shakespearean actor, and Sundance alum and co-star, Christopher Gerson.

The show features fun performances by Alysia Reiner (Orange Is the New Black, How to Get Away with Murder), Joel de la Fuente (Hemlock Grove). Tony nominee Celia Keenan-Bolger plays “Charlie,” Leo Darwin’s wife.

Episodes 1–10 of the series were directed by Carrie Preston (The Good Wife, True Blood) and One Take Films’ Greg Ivan Smith contributed his talents behind the camera in episodes 11 and 12.

The episodes range in length from 5–10 minutes with a 15-minute grand finale shot in New York’s Central Park. Enjoy!

Darwin’s director Carrie Preston hosting the IAWTV Awards, 2014.

Darwin has screened at independent film and television festivals and won several awards including a Best Acting nod for Christopher Gerson and a nomination for Best New Comedy at the International Academy of Web Television Awards.

Official website: //darwintheseries.com

There is no better time than right NOW to watch the complete first season of DARWIN!

Posted by Darwin: The Series on Friday, February 13, 2015

Staff Room — Series 1

Originally published at www.comedycentral.co.uk.

Ep 1: The Birthday Boy

Ep 2: The Trust Fall

Ep 3: The Sponsored Haircut

Watch STAFF ROOM — Series episodes 1–5


Staff Room tells the story of Ian Butterworth, a thirty year old failed filmmaker who has given up on his Hollywood dream to become a secondary school teacher. It’s Ian’s first day and things aren’t going to plan. He’s interrupted a sponsored silence, embarrassed himself in front of the girl he likes, been ridiculed by the Principal in an assembly and now has a psychotic bully on his tail. It’s just like being a pupil all over again. Yet despite his difficult start, Ian begins to learn a new lesson, one he didn’t expect, that perhaps starting over isn’t as bad as he initially feared, as friendships and even romance blossoms inside the staff room.

Co-creator Ryan McDermott stars as hapless media teacher Ian Butterworth. Zoe Lister (Hollyoaks) plays love interest Lucy Lucas, a character who was once a bestselling novelist but is now suffering from writers’ block and taking refuge at the school teaching English… continue reading at British Comedy Guide


New and familiar faces at the Staff Room premiere

Guest star Rebecca Atkinson, 2014