#BernBabyBern a grassroots music video spanning four continents paying tribute to Bernie Sanders and his idea of a political revolution which brings people together to change the world for the better.


Artist: Hey Bloomfield (@heybloomfield)
Director / Editor / Producer: Raoul Dyssell (@raouldyssell)
Producers: Kim Sherrell (@kim) & Hey Bloomfield

Hey Bloomfield, 2016 #BernBabyBern

Twitter: @BernBabyBernMV
Facebook: //www.facebook.com/groups/thebe…
Email: theberniesong@gmail.com

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Song Credits:

Music, lyrics, vocals & production by Hey Bloomfield
Mixed by Dongkwang ‘Eastbeam’ Seo @ “Make the Soul Studio”
Mastered by Brian Lucey @ “Magic Garden Mastering”

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Hey Bloomfield shots by Daniel Smukalla
Logo art by Eunji Kim

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#BernBabyBern MV Admin Team:

Jessica Adel
Emma Jane Bloomfield
Kevin Lambert
Sydney Langford
Miles Meili
Nick Neon
William “Sonny” Sonbuchner
Hannah Winant

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The People in this video span four continents (North America, Africa, Asia, and Australia):

Jessica Adel
Haruka Aoki
Elliot Ashby
Brianna Beehler
Adam Bernstein
Emma Bloomfield
Anna Brown
Saga Milena Briggs
Jackie Cafarelli
Allan Choi
Eden Choi
Hoon “hoonch” Choi
Yool Choi
Raoul Dyssell
Rebecca Erhard
Tanya Felter
Hannah Graf
Jaeyeon Han
Mel Henriquez
Lindsey Higgins-Pottier
Daniel Kennedy
Kiflu Kidanne
Rachel Kidanne
Chongmin Kim
Kang Hee Kim
Kyongmin Kim
Jordan Kline
Devin Jorgensen
Sydney Langford
Sandra Lavoy
Dave Lishanksy
Julie Lishanksy
Hyunsup Lee
Pete Macleod
Alberto Means
Miles Meili
Santino Merino
Daisy Mila
Colin Nance
Nick Neon
David Orlowitz
Oro Padron
Hyuk Jin Park
Joon Yong Park
Ravi Raju
Ji Man Ryu
William “Sonny” Sonbuchner
Rodney Smith
Benjamin Strauss
Eileen Sullivan
Nikolas Kite Thompson
Lynne van der Merwe
Davis “Chain, Red Shoes, and Stone” Vigneault
Darby Walters
Josh Wessler
Hannah Winant
Aaron Wolf

*Ultimately we were not able to include everyone who sent in a clip in the final video, but we still want to thank everyone who submitted footage. Your love and passion for Bernie Sanders and the political revolution is unquestionable.