Gone Doggy Gone

LOS ANGELES — Gone Doggy Gone is a comedic feature about an LA couple who treat their dog like a baby until it gets kidnapped. What ensues is an outlandish cat-and-mouse adventure as they hunt down the kidnapper, enlist a schlubby PI, and possibly even conquer their fear of parenthood.

Website: http://gonedoggygone.com


The Inspiration

Kasi had a dogwalker who began to bring her dog, Laila (also starring in the movie), home later and later after visits. She took Laila to the movies, grocery store and even her waxing appointments. She called Laila her BFF. This relationship, prompted the film’s creators to ask, what if she just decided to keep Laila for herself?

With ‘Gone Doggy Gone’ writer/directors Kasi Brown and Brandon Walter set out to comically explore how people use pets to avoid dealing with their relationship issues. They thought it would be interesting to apply very serious iconic kidnapping movies, Ransom, Silence of the Lambs, Gone Baby Gone, to a couple who consider their dog to be their “baby”.

Gone Doggy Gone is available on iTunes, Amazon, Best Buy, and the usual places. It won 18 awards on the festival circuit and screened this past summer at Arena Cinema Hollywood.

Leo Darwin is a life coach whose life is falling apart.

Leo Darwin appears to have everything — a thriving practice, a best-selling book and a beautiful wife and child. But in reality, he’s about to be evicted from his office, his marriage is a mess and his six-month old baby doesn’t yet have a name. His new client is about to have a breakthrough overcoming his fear of women. But the woman he’s fallen for is Leo’s wife.

This quirky comedy stars Karl Kenzler (House of Cards) who created the series along with the playwright Lynn Rosen and Shakespearean actor, and Sundance alum and co-star, Christopher Gerson.

The show features fun performances by Alysia Reiner (Orange Is the New Black, How to Get Away with Murder), Joel de la Fuente (Hemlock Grove). Tony nominee Celia Keenan-Bolger plays “Charlie,” Leo Darwin’s wife.

Episodes 1–10 of the series were directed by Carrie Preston (The Good Wife, True Blood) and One Take Films’ Greg Ivan Smith contributed his talents behind the camera in episodes 11 and 12.

The episodes range in length from 5–10 minutes with a 15-minute grand finale shot in New York’s Central Park. Enjoy!

Darwin’s director Carrie Preston hosting the IAWTV Awards, 2014.

Darwin has screened at independent film and television festivals and won several awards including a Best Acting nod for Christopher Gerson and a nomination for Best New Comedy at the International Academy of Web Television Awards.

Official website: http://darwintheseries.com