Staff Room — Series 1

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Staff Room tells the story of Ian Butterworth, a thirty year old failed filmmaker who has given up on his Hollywood dream to become a secondary school teacher. It’s Ian’s first day and things aren’t going to plan. He’s interrupted a sponsored silence, embarrassed himself in front of the girl he likes, been ridiculed by the Principal in an assembly and now has a psychotic bully on his tail. It’s just like being a pupil all over again. Yet despite his difficult start, Ian begins to learn a new lesson, one he didn’t expect, that perhaps starting over isn’t as bad as he initially feared, as friendships and even romance blossoms inside the staff room.

Co-creator Ryan McDermott stars as hapless media teacher Ian Butterworth. Zoe Lister (Hollyoaks) plays love interest Lucy Lucas, a character who was once a bestselling novelist but is now suffering from writers’ block and taking refuge at the school teaching English… continue reading at British Comedy Guide